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Heart of the Huntress Guide - Mechanics, Cards, Champions!

June 28th, 2023 | Hades4u
The Heart of the Huntress expansion is finally here with over 80 new cards, 3 new champions, 2 new keywords and 2 new origins. Let's briefly go through the update and learn what's new! :)

You can find all the new Legends of Runeterra Heart of the Huntress cards in our Card Database!

New Champions and Keywords!

New Champions

Nidalee is a new champion from Shurima that introduces a new mechanic called Ambush! She's a 5|3 unit that will play around the "hidden" effect depending on its other Ambush allies. Summoning or transforming 4 allies will level her up into Packmother Nidalee, a true menace for your opponent's units and Nexus!

Ambush - Can be played hidden if you have no other hidden Ambush allies. Hidden allies are 2 cost 2|2s. You may pay a hidden ally’s Ambush cost to transform it into its base card.

Ready for a new Origin? Neeko joins the fray featuring a brand new Origin and also mechanic called Disguise. Her Origin allows you to create a "zoo-type deck" by placing as many Bird, Cat, Dog, Elnuk, Fae, Reptile, and Spider followers into your deck as you like.

She levels up after multiple allies with at least 6 different subtypes combined attack. Her leveled up form excels at buffing her allies and strengthening your board, and taking advantage of trickery (thanks to Disguise) to keep the enemies guessing!

Disguise - Secretly transforms into another unit before entering play. They won’t reveal their true identity to your opponent until they leave play or Level Up.

If you're excited for more Origins, then you're definitely in for a treat! The Poro King, in all its majesty, is here with its fresh Origin that allows you to put any non-champion cards with the word “Poro” on them into your deck during deckbuilding. Porofect!

In a kingly fashion, The Poro King's main focus is feeding snaxs to its fellow Poros, buffing their stats and granting them various strong bonuses. Its mightiness levels up after summoning at least 6 Poros, increasing its stats to 5|5. Long live The Poro King!

Heart of the Huntress Decks

If you want to find decks for Heart of the Huntress champions, look no further! We have deck lists dedicated to each Heart of the Huntress champion:

That's it for our Legends of Runeterra Heart of the Huntress rundown! We're really curious to see what new decks you guys come up with and what you think of this new expansion! Remember you can make your own Heart of the Huntress deck using our Deck Builder. Let us know in the comments. :)

Remember you can find Runeterra Heart of the Huntress Cards and Runeterra Heart of the Huntress Decks right here on RuneterraFire!
(Last Updated: April 23rd, 2024)

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