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Glory in Navori Guide - Mechanics, Cards, Champions!

March 29th, 2023 | Hades4u
The Glory in Navori expansion is finally here with over 65 new cards, 3 new champions and 2 new keywords. Let's briefly go through the update and learn what's new! :)

You can find all the new Legends of Runeterra Glory in Navori cards in our Card Database!

New Champions and Keywords!

New Champions

Jack is a new champion from Bilgewater that introduces a new keyword called Coin. Whenever he strikes, he creates a Coin in hand which will refill your mana, depending on how many times it has been stacked. Jack levels up and becomes stronger after spending 12 mana or more during a single round. This should be fairly easy to achieve thanks to his stacked Coins!

Coming from the distant lands of Ionia, Sett is here and he's ready to break faces! He's going to be a tough enemy to take down, as he receives a Barrier if he drops below 1 health when attacking. Make sure to prevent that from happening by not giving him the chance to attack!

Leveling up Sett after spending over 40 mana during the match is going to completely change the match. When Sett is leveled up, he cannot take damage or die while attacking. Need to bring him down ASAP before he breaks the faces of all of your allies!

Samira, the Desert Rose of Noxus joins the battle bringing her versatility to the table. She plays around her Flair cards, that each have a different effect, and levels up after you've played over 6 cards before you start a round with the attack token.

Once she's leveled up, you'll get a free to cast Flair whenever she strikes, and that goes well with her Rally that activates after playing over 6 cards. Going to be an interesting champion to mix into your decks!

New Keywords - Coin and Brash

Coin - Coins can stack. Playing the Coin card will refill your mana, depending on how many times it has stacked.

Brash - Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more health.

Glory in Navori Decks

If you want to find decks for Domination champions, look no further! We have deck lists dedicated to each Glory in Navori champion:

That's it for our Legends of Runeterra Glory in Navori rundown! We're really curious to see what new decks you guys come up with and what you think of this new expansion! Remember you can make your own Glory in Navori deck using our Deck Builder. Let us know in the comments. :)

Remember you can find Runeterra Glory in Navori Cards and Runeterra Glory in Navori Decks right here on RuneterraFire!
(Last Updated: June 29th, 2023)

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